Our Staff

Haydn Busher – Service Manager/Specialist Support Coordinator

Haydn is a qualified social worker with a broad range of experience in the disability field. Haydn worked at Princess Margaret Hospital and Perth Children’s Hospital throughout the roll out period of the NDIS in WA.

With many patients of PMH/PCH in need of advocacy and support to understand the NDIS, Haydn developed a sound understanding of the mechanics of the NDIS, and the advantages and challenges of the choice and control model for participants. He has a proven track record of achieving quality planning and implementation outcomes when working with NDIS participants. Haydn is a strong advocate for the NDIS and the way in which NDIS funding can create innovative and flexible solutions to long standing issues in the sector.

Haydn is passionate about supporting families to develop their understanding, build their independence and improve their capacity to live well. He operates within a person-centred, strengths based framework, walking alongside NDIS participants and their families throughout the journey.

Rebecca Vittiglia-Collins – Relationships Manager/Support Coordinator

Rebecca is qualified in Children’s Services, with over 10 years’ experience working with children and their families.

Rebecca has been personally involved in the disability sector and health system for seven years after her late son, Marc (pictured), was diagnosed at six-months with a rare brain malformation called Lissencephaly – a complex neurological condition. She knows firsthand the journey families endure with a child living with a complex disability. She understands the complex nature and profound impact of neurological disorders, developmental delays and severe disabilities, high medical needs and the constant roller coaster faced each day.

Rebecca is widely renowned for achieving outstanding results in planning, plan reviews, plan implementation and problem solving in unique and challenging situations. Rebecca has developed a strong reputation for providing a high standard of service and the ability to build relationships with the NDIS participants and their families, with her personal experience of “the journey” giving her a unique insight.

Tain Molendijk – Support Coordinator

Tain is in her final year of studying a Bachelor of Social Work at Curtin University. Prior to this, Tain spent six years traveling North America and Europe as a professional circus artist and acrobat, performing with famous circuses including Cirque du Soleil as well as her own company, 15ft6.

Tain is passionate about working alongside participants as they navigate the world of the NDIS. Tain is particularly skilled working with participants with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities. Tain is also a great resource when it comes to helping participants learn how to self-manage their funding.

Tain has had a wonderful start to her career as a support coordinator and has already achieved some outstanding results with her clients. She wishes to continue learning and helping others make the most of the NDIS.

Kim Moore – Support Coordinator

Kim is qualified in Education, Children’s and Community Services including Special Needs, with over 15 years experience working with families and individuals with additional and or educational needs.

Kim has also previously worked as a Disability Advocate, in individual advocacy, assisting clients to advocate for themselves with matters such as Centrelink, Building Commission, Hospital Care and Support Agencies. 

Kim has lived experience in the disability and health system through her personal special needs and health conditions; including Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and comorbidities and as an Amputee. Kim also has children with special needs including Autism, Tourette Syndrome and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. She knows and understands the journey families are on and the complexity of dealing with multiple people, conditions and disabilities. Kim is passionate about empowering  individuals and their families to develop themselves and their understanding and to live their life to the full.

Michelle Aros – Specialist Support Coordinator

Michelle is a Social Worker with 14 years experience working with children, families and adults in a range of different areas. Michelle worked at the Perth Children’s Hospital/Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth and the Children’s Hospitals in Sydney, where she has developed specialist knowledge and skills in disabilities, chronic illnesses and the NDIS.

Michelle enjoys working with individuals and families, in particular individuals with psychosocial disability where she can help them learn and understand how the NDIS works, and empowering individuals to exercise choice and control over their lives.

With Michelle’s extensive work experience, knowledge and skills working with children, families and individuals with chronic illnesses and disabilities, she is an asset to the Ark Support Coordination team.

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